Finished my first X3 Bar workout!

I just finished my first X3 Bar workout. Following the 12 Week Program, I had to do:

1)Chest Press & Pec Crossover
2) Overhead Press
3) Triceps Press
4) Squat

WOW! This was an awesome workout! Super intense! Took me just 10 minutes and I feel like it was the best workout I ever had.

Based on how I felt, the biggest difference between using free weights and X3 Bar is in the fatigue of my muscles. For some reason, my muscles feel A LOT more exhausted. It feels like X3 gives me a better workout. I was able to train in all ranges of motion with no fear of injury. I felt my stabilizer muscles working and all these little muscles I haven’t trained before.

The only issue I found was having to sometimes adjust the band under the platform so the band doesn’t get twisted when I’m performing the rep. I’m not too used to training with X3 so I feel like the set up will come easier to me as I get used to this.

Other than that small issue, I think this is a legit revolutionary fitness product. I am so happy with my decision to use X3.

Day 1: The Beginning

Today is my first day using X3 Bar. I am so excited and more motivated than ever! As you can see by my pictures, I’m in decent shape just because I’ve been working out for years and years. However, I definitely reached a plateau with my strength. I am looking for a way to build more muscle and get leaner.

I am following the 12 Week Program that came with my X3 and I will keep you posted with my progress!

I am ready to push myself and change my body for the better!

Making the Decision

I used to workout and train all the time. I was in great shape. However, due to my hectic work schedule and random injuries, I lost my good physique. I’m 31 years old and pretty athletic. Yet, I lost the motivation to workout. I don’t seem to put on much muscle anymore. I need to change things up. Something just isn’t working for me.

A few friends of mine started using X3 Bar and they look way better than they ever did. They recommended that I try it too.

I decided to try X3 for 5 reasons:

1) Besides my friends showing me their awesome results using X3, I also saw a ton of transformations from other people on the Internet. The creator of X3, John Jaquish, is super credible and created a product called OsteoStrong that is used by hospitals and clinics worldwide. X3 is definitely a reputable brand. It’s hard to trust all those Instagram fitness “influencers” these days. There’s just so many different products out there. X3 definitely seems to be the most legit and I am excited to finally try it.

2) I can grow muscle 3X faster than free weights due to the variable resistance that I’ll experience with X3. X3 takes you to a much deeper level of fatigue since you are training all the ranges of motion.

3) I don’t have to spend an hour in the gym or pay for a gym membership anymore. I’m super busy at my job. I don’t have the time to workout for an hour in the gym. I only need 10 minutes a day with X3 and I can do it from my home or office. This is perfect for any busy person.

4) I am sick and tired of getting injured during my workouts. I’ve had so many muscle pulls and strains over the years caused by training with free weights and machines. I also feel constant joint pain. X3 Bar puts a lot less stress on my joints and more on the muscles. I want to workout as a way to build my body and not damage it.

5) There’s a huge community of X3 users on social media. It feels great to be a part of something so we can all keep each other accountable.

I will use X3 Bar and follow the 12 Week Program that comes with it.

I am excited to give you a full X3 review over these next 12 weeks.

Stay tuned!